Topics in Anthropology: Tech and Health: Minds, Bodies, Societies


Our health is increasingly mediated by technology- both in the treatments and therapies available to us, and in the new means we have to monitor ourselves. Smart watches, step-counters, exercise logs, apps to track moods, sleep, and menstruation, home testing, telehealth, and more are now parts of our everyday lives. In this course, we will draw on the insights of medical anthropology and science and technology studies to examine the role technology has in both health-giving and death-dealing enterprises. Topics will include e-mental health treatments, telemedicine, robotics, virtual reality, self-tracking, cyborgs and cybernetics, as well as new drug and gene therapies. We will also look at these issues historically, across different time periods, and geographically, as these technologies are deployed differentially around the world. Students will be able to articulate the fundamental relationship between technology and human health and provide specific examples.
Course Attributes: EN S; AS SSC; FA SSC; BU BA; AR SSC

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Topics in Anthropology: Tech and Health: Minds, Bodies, Societies
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