Social Landscapes in a Global View students take on the story of McMillan Hall

McMillan Hall dorm room, 1907The Fall Anthropology Class, Social Landscapes in a Global View, has taken on several projects throughout the semester. The students analyzed a St. Louis landscape, surveyed the settlement patterns in central Hungary during the Bronze Age, and studied Brookings Quad from different disciplinary perspectives. For their most recent project, the class expounded on the idea of the "university landscape" using their background in landscape studies to deepen their fellow students' interactions with McMillan Hall. The class "QR Coded" various things in and around the building, ranging from the archaeology of St. Louis to native plants of the Midwest and from Gothic architecture to the utility of anthropology in today's world. 

There are 18 QR Codes scattered around the building, waiting to be discovered. Each scanned code will direct you to the student developed website where you can read about the McMillan Hall landscape. 

For more information on this course or project, contact Carla Klehm.