Conceptualizing Anthropology

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology student, Zoe Grieze, uses art to answer final project question

Over the summer, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Anthro 160B, section 41), students explored the basic concepts and theoretical principles of sociocultural anthropology. At the end of the semester, their instructor, Kosi Onyeneho, provided the students an opportunity to present their understandings of the materials through a written paper or creative project. Zoe Grieze, an undergraduate student majoring in Art and Design, chose to create a video game to demonstrate how she conceptualizes anthropology and anthropological research based on her experience in the class.

Click image to enter gameThe prompt read, "The final project comprises a short final paper or creative project that describes what your have learned during the course and how you would answer the major question anthropology faces: “How do we analyze cultural phenomena objectively when we, as human-beings, approach these situations laden with our own cultural perspectives? Feel free to answer this question as you see fit using the principles and theories we have covered in the class. For all submissions, either creative projects or standard essays, appropriately utilize and cite at least two authors or theories we have studied during the course."

You can explore Zoe's creative project by clicking the image to the left. All that is needed to operate the game is Adobe Reader. The user is able to click on different objects within the house to read about her understanding of sociocultural anthropology.