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Citizenship: Historical, Cross-Cultural, and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Anthropology 4052 - Fall 2020

Although some posited that citizenship might become obsolete in an increasingly globalizing and interconnected world, citizenship has never been more relevant. Discussions of migration, statelessness, naturalization policies, borders, and so many other contemporary topics hinge on questions of citizenship. In this course, we'll be taking an interdisciplinary approach to the study of citizenship, drawing on a wide range of work from historians, social scientists, journalists, and writers. This is an interdisciplinary and transnational course intended for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Examples will draw from around the world and from a variety of disciplines. Assigned materials include the work of historians, anthropologists, political scientists, sociologists, and journalists, as well as novels, films, and even audio and visual sources.

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Citizenship: Historical, Cross-Cultural, and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
INSTRUCTOR: Whittington
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