Seeking Refuge


What does it mean to be a refugee? Where do refugees reside, and from where do they originate? How are they distinguished, legally and in the public imagination, from other migrants? What challenges do they face? This course will address these questions and many more, giving students a detailed and nuanced understanding of asylum and international protection in the contemporary world. Topics to be covered include: refugee camps, refugee resettlement, asylum seekers, Palestinian refugees, women refugees, LGBTQIA+ refugees, climate refugees, mental health, refugee integration and adaptation, and public response to refugees. Additionally, we will discuss different career paths for working with refugees and asylum seekers, and we will welcome several guest speakers with experience in this field, including a psychologist, a documentary filmmaker, a journalist, and a social worker. In lieu of a traditional term paper, students will have the option to complete a migrant interview project, in which they will interview a friend, family member, or other close acquaintance who is a migrant with the guidance of the instructor, culminating in a final paper.
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Seeking Refuge
INSTRUCTOR: Jacqueline Wagner
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