Professionalization for Anthropologists


This course is for graduate students in anthropology or extraordinary undergraduates who are planning on applying to graduate school for anthropology (with permission of instructor). The purpose of this course is to develop and practice professional skills, including but not limited to: 1. Writing peer-reviewed journal articles 2. Writing grant proposals 3. Conducting peer-reviews and editing 4. Creating a conference presentation or poster 5. Writing a popular science story or press release 6. Creating a course syllabus 7. Creating a dossier of common academic job market documents: cover letter, research statement, teaching statement, diversity statement OR a resume and cover letter for a nonacademic job Throughout the semester, we will read examples of different kinds of professional writing and discuss the process involved in developing each. Students will select particular forms to work on based on their current needs and career goals. The skills that we cover will be adjusted according to the current needs and career goals of enrolled students, which will be assessed during the first week of class.
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Professionalization for Anthropologists
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