Primate Films Database

The Primate Films Database includes information about films featuring wild primates produced since the beginning of the twentieth century. The database contains entries for films (including feature films), TV specials, TV series, and single episodes of series. Currently the Primate Films Database focuses on films in which the main focus is on primates in wild settings, but it may be expanded in the future to include more films focusing on captive primates. The database includes general information about each film such as runtime, the featured species, and the narrator or host. A brief review of each film is also provided which focuses on the film’s usefulness in teaching and educational settings.

This database was created specifically as a resource for educators, but it may also be useful to members of the general public with an interest in primatology or nature documentaries. It could also be a valuable tool for researchers in primatology, visual anthropology, and film studies. The database will be updated as new films are released.

Film ratings are provided on a scale of 1 to 5 based on how useful this film was for teaching purposes (1 = not at all useful; 3 = moderately useful; 5 = very useful). Author ratings are from Crystal Riley Koenig. Instructor ratings are means of individual ratings reported by college anthropology instructors in a survey conducted in 2016 (Riley Koenig, Koenig, & Sanz, in preparation). Individual episodes of shows (e.g. Lemur Street) were not rated in the survey, so ratings for the overall series were applied to the individual episodes.

Please direct any questions about this database to:
      Crystal M. Riley Koenig,
      Crickette M. Sanz,