Ximena Lemoine

Graduate Student of Archaeology

Research Interests

Ximena Lemoine is a zooarchaeologist studying the domestication of plants and animals and development of agricultural systems in prehistory. She is especially interested in the human behaviors and social processes that influenced and enabled domestic animal management, as well as its long-term environmental, evolutionary, and social consequences. Working in the Laboratory for the Analysis of Early Food-webs (LAEF), she uses a combination of faunal demographic reconstruction, stable isotopic analyses, and ethnoarchaeology to reconstruct past game and livestock management practices to better understand the many contexts out of which domestication arose, as well as the diversity of regional agricultural practices that resulted. Her dissertation research focuses on the independent domestication of pigs in China and the development of foddering and integrative agriculture involving pigs in Neolithic Northern China.


College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Award for Graduate Teaching Excellence, Washington University in St. Louis. Spring 2019.

Wenner-Gren Foundation Dissertation Fieldwork Grant. Spring 2017. 

Fellow, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Fall 2016.

Fellow, Spencer T. & Ann W. Olin Graduate Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis. Fall 2014.


Ren, X.L., Gu, W.F., Mo, D.W., Lei, X.S., Lemoine, X., Yu, Y.Y., Lü, J.Q., Storozum, M., Kidder, T.R., and Zhang, J.W. (2019) Early urban impact on vegetation dynamics: palaeoecological reconstruction from pollen records at the Dongzhao site, Henan Province, China. Quaternary International 521. Pp. 66-74. 

Zhang, Z.W., Chen, Z.J., Marshall, F., Lü H.L., Lemoine, X., Wangyal, T., Dorje, T., and Liu, X.Y. (in press) The Importance of Hunting of Diverse Animals at Xiaoenda (5000 – 4000 BP), East Tibet. Quaternary International.

Ren, X.L., Lemoine, X., Mo, D.W.., Kidder, T.R., Guo, Y., Qin, Z., and Liu, X.Y. (2016) Foothills and Intermountain Basins: Does China’s Fertile Arc have a “Hilly Flanks”?. Quaternary International 426. Pp. 86-96

Zeder, M.A., Lemoine, X., and Payne, S. (2015) A New System for Computing Long-Bone Fusion Age Profiles in Sus Scrofa. Journal of Archaeological Science 55. Pp.  135-150.

Lemoine, X., Zeder M., Bishop K. and Rufolo, S. (2014) A New System for Computing Dentition-Based Age Profiles in Sus scrofa. Journal of Archaeological Science 47. Pp. 179-193.

Courses Taught

Instructor, University College, Washington University in St. Louis 

Anthro 190 - Introduction to Archaeology (Fall 2018)

Instructor, College of Arts & Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis

Anthro 315 - Securing Food: (Pre)Historic perspectives, present challenges, and the future of human subsistence (Forthcoming, Spring 2020)

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