Maggi Carfield

Graduate Student of Sociocultural Anthropology

Research Interests

Law and Development; Exclusion, Inequalities, and Identities; Race; Gender; Collective Action; Social, Economic, and Political Rights; U.S. and East Africa


Carfield, M. Participatory Law and Development: Remapping the Locus of Authority, 82 U.  COLO. L. REV. 739 (2011).

Carfield, M. (2011) Land Justice in Uganda: Preserving Peace, Promoting Integration, in Lessons Learned: Narrative Accounts of Legal Reform in Developing and Transition Countries (International Development Law Organization, ed.)

Carfield, M. Enhancing Poor People’s Capabilities through the Rule of Law: Creating an Access to Justice Index, 83 WASH. U. L.Q. 339 (2005). 

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  • Washington University
  • CB 1114
  • One Brookings Drive
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