Gisela Sobral

Postdoctoral Research Associate of Biological Anthropology

Gisela Sobral studies both proximate (e.g., hormones) and ultimate (e.g., evolution) mechanisms of social behaviour and individual differences in behaviour. 

Gisela is a biologist, with a Master’s in Evolutionary Biology and a PhD in Animal Reproduction, all from Brazilian institutions. Throughout her career, she worked with mammals, particularly South American rodents and primates. Between her masters and her PhD, she spent a year as a research assistant at the Kalahari Meerkat Project, South Africa. At Washington University, she is working with Dr. Krista Milich on various projects, such as behavioural endocrinology of Atelids, and spatio-temporal use of the landscape by red colobus. Ultimately, she uses her understanding on behavioural endocrinology to promote the conservation of endangered species.


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