Giovanna Bonadonna

Postdoctoral Research Associate of Biological Anthropology

Giovanna Bonadonna is a primatologist specializing in behavioral ecology and conservation; her current research focuses on the effects of fragmentation and habitat degradation on the behavioral ecology, population genetics, and health of wild lemur populations in Madagascar.

Research Interests

Giovanna Bonadonna's research uses a multidisciplinary approach that includes spatial and behavioral ecology, bioacoustics, and population genetics to address questions regarding primates' social and mating systems and provide data to plan conservation efforts. At Washington University, she is working with Drs. Krista Milich and Emily Wroblewski to study the behavior, ecology, genetic diversity, and health of critically endangered species of lemurs living in rainforests affected by different levels of fragmentation and ecological disturbance in eastern Madagascar.

Dr. Bonadonna previous research work focused on the behavioral, social, and ecological factors regulating inter and intragroup dynamics of another critically endangered lemur: the indri.  Because of her experience studying critically endangered species in one of the hottest spots for biodiversity, she is dedicated to conserving and protecting species that are disappearing mainly because of habitat loss.


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