Past Honors Theses Titles

John W. Bennett Prize winners are indicated by an asterisk (*).

2022 Senior Honors Theses


Sophie Goldstein: Speechless: Understanding the Manufacture of Omission in an Effort Toward a More Responsible Ethnography
Michelle Hajdenberg: An Analysis of Minority Participation in Clinical Trials: Contextualizing Barriers to Participation and Resocializing Medical Ethics
Morgan Leff: "That's what hospice is supposed to do": How U.S. hospice care staff bridge philosophy and institutions
Ilana Miller: Let's Go Brandon and COVID-19: How Community Involvement Affects a Pandemic Response
Alice Na: The Intersection of Patriarchy, Feminism, and Sex Education and How it Shaped the MeToo Movement in South Korean Universities
Arianna Parkhideh*: Radical Support: Understanding Doula Work as Resistance to Routinized Violence
Sara Pierce: Alimentary Politics and Algorithms: The Spread of Information about "Healthy" Eating and Diet on TikTok
Rithvik Ramesh: Explanatory Necropolitics: Physicians' Perspectives on Compliance, Culture, and Competence in the Management of Chronic Disease
Max Zalta: Omega-3 and Omega-6 Rebalancing in Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic-Food (RUTF) for the Treatment of Moderate Acute Malnutrition in Children Aged 8-24 Months in Pujehun, Sierra Leone: An analysis of the differences in acceptability between a Docosahexaenoic acid-fortified standard RUTF, a Docosahexaenoic acid-fortified oat-based RUTF, and a standard RUTF

2021 Senior Honors Theses


Adrianna Calhoun*: Exploring the Unspoken Rift Between the Black Community and the Field of Speech-Language Pathology [video]

Keishi Foecke: The Separation of Church and Health: The Moral Politics of Ectopic Pregnancy Management in Catholic Healthcare Settings [video]

Matthew Ho: On the Battlefield, In Their Memory, and in Their Children: The Intergenerational Effects of the Vietnam War on Vietnamese Americans 

Lev Kolinski*: Conflict and Coexistence: Humans, Wildlife, and Changing Perceptions around Kibale National Park, Uganda [video]

Larkin Levine: Understandings of Sexual Consent among Male and Female Zulu South Africans in Masxha, Kwazulu-Natal [video]

Liv Starr: Demystifying the Mystical: The Virtual Reality of Torres del Paine National Park in Southern Chilean Patagonia

Helen Stephens: The St. Louis Legacy: Understanding Racial Disparities in Health and the Disproportionate Impact of Covid-19 on Black Americans [video]


2020 Senior Honors Theses

Neel Kale: Medical Conspiracies in America: How Systemic Inequality Breeds Mistrust [video]
Jae Hee Lee: Through Thick and Thin: An Investigation of How Transgender Women in Thailand Become Victims of HIV and Development of a Possible Solution [video]
Nicholas Lin: "Fixing All These Things Requires Some Sort of Currency": An Ethnographic Exploration of Homelessness and the American Healthcare System [video]
Sienna Ruiz*: Performing Street Art in Madrid: Artistic Labor and the Cost of Cool
Lydia Straka: Dutch Childbirth Narratives: Women's Perspectives on Physiological, Biomedical, and Woman-Centered Approaches to Maternity Care in the Netherlands [video]
Rinat Tal: Maternal Healthcare and Women's Control: Defining Priorities for Care in the Rukwa Region of Tanzania [video]
Eddie Xie: Let's Talk About Sex! The Tensions Between Sexual Education, National Structure, and Self-Care in Arica, Chile [video]

2019 Senior Honors Theses

Abby Baka: An Exploration of Perimeter Wall Architecture at the Terminal Middle Horizon Site of Los Batanes, Sama, Peru
Rachel Bank: Postnatal Support Systems and the Value of Informal Postnatal Care: An Exploration of the Urban Zulu Maternal Postnatal Experience in Durban, South Africa.
Victoria Collins: "You said you're cool, right?": Narratives of Cigarette Smoking in Durban, South Africa
Ani Gururaj: Understanding the Social and Cultural Aspects of Suicide within the Bhutanese Refugee Community in the USA: A Qualitative Study
Alfredo Jahn: Identity and Belonging Among Young Adult Bosnian-Americans in St. Louis
Carmen Lyon: The Formation of the Vaccination Refusal Subculture in Response to Changes in Policy of the California Public School System
Kathryn Recto: To Screen or Not To Screen: A Qualitative Study Examining Physician Perceived Barriers in Screening for Domestic Violence
Sarah Small: “You Can’t Do Anything Against Money, Power, and Prestige”: Understanding the Context and Impact of the NGA West Project
Hannah Sugarman: Textiles, Tourism, and Traditions: A Case Study of Chinchero, Peru
Madison Wrobley*: Life as a Hydraulic Citizen: An Analysis of Water Access in Kathmandu, Nepal

2018 Senior Honors Theses

Savannah Bustillo: Meaning in Print: Exploring the meaning of making in the print shop
Peter G. Delaney: Understanding Local Medical Emergencies and Treatment Options to Improve Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care in Iganga District, Uganda
Dongyeon Joanna Kim*: Analysis of Ready-To-Use-Therapeutic-Food (RUTF) for the Treatment of Acute Malnutrition in Children Ages 6-59 Months in Brong-Ahafo Region, Ghana
Momoko Oyama: Zulu Traditions During Pregnancy and Birth:  A Preliminary Study of Intergenerational Differences in Mashta, South Africa
Allison Stewart: Disaster Recovery and Resilience in Alimapu ‘The Burnt Land’
Rachana Vemireddy: Language Matters: Patients’ Emic Conceptions of Medical Vocabulary in Two Community Health Clinics in St. Louis

2017 Senior Honors Theses

Carlye Chaney: Salivary Secretory Immunoglobulin A Variation between Varsity Swimmers, Varsity Cross Country Runners, and Non-Athletes
Lucy  Chin: Critical Dialogue as Standard Practice:  Exploring Identity Politics and the Impact of Social Justice Education on St. Louis Area High School Students
Emily Coco: Spatial Analysis of Debris from the Mound 34 Copper Workshop, Cahokia
Shivani Desai: Obstetric Fistula: Examining Disparities
Elaine Emmerich*: Balancing Survival and Democracy: Toxic Citizenship and Nuclear Waste in a St. Louis Landfill
Amir Hassan: Chinese Medicine in Uganda: Health, Wealth, and Globalization
Sakurako Oyama: Exercising Agency in Medical Decision-Making Processes: A Case Study of 67ha, Antananarivo

2016 Senior Honors Theses

Madelaine Azar: A Stylistic Analysis of Ramey Incised Ceramics and their Cognates: Understanding Cahokia’s Interactions with Northern Hinterland Populations
Meytal Chernoff: Milk, Morbidity and Environments: An Analysis of the Immune Factor Concentrations in the Milk of Native Tibetan Women Living at High and Low Altitude in Nubri, Nepal
Alexander Gould: Let Them Drink Coke: Exporting Obesity from the U.S. to Middle Income Countries via Coca-Cola
Amanda Harris: The Cultural Competency of the Chilean Maternal Healthcare System, Chile Crece Contigo, for the Mapuche Population
Serena Lekawa: Wine and Cheese: History, Culture, and Drought in California Agriculture
Marina Mai*: Menstrual Dignity in Uganda
Apoorva Ram: St. Louis Delivers: Women’s Perspectives on Hospital Birth. The ideal birth method, sociocultural influences, “natural birth”, and women’s choice during labor.
Priya Suri: Conceiving of Contraception: St. Louis Women’s Perspectives on Family Planning and Contraception
Jason Tinero: One Step Forward, Twelve Steps Back: Examining Alcoholics Anonymous and its Neo-Colonial Implications for Men in Cuenca, Ecuador
Rebecca Weiss: The Condition of Asylum Seekers in Switzerland: A Case Study in Canton of Vaud

2015 Senior Honors Theses

Amee Azad: The Sound of Silence: Linguistic Profiling and Discrimination as a Barrier to Accessing Healthcare in St. Louis, MO
Sourik Beltran: Refractive Error in Cachoeira: Access to Glasses in an Inland City of Bahia, Brazil
Morgan Henry: The Relationship Between Mental Health and Environmental Health in Saint Louis, Missouri
Rachel Hoffman: Show Me Equity: Barriers to Enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace for Black Missourians during the First Open Enrollment Period
Lily Jacobi*: “Make him know who you are”: Agency and Victimization in the Lives of Trafficked Women
Daniel Kennedy: The Service Economy of Sponsorship: Examining the Labor of Producing the Poor in Guatemala
Amrutha Kumaran: Uncertain Technologies of Life in India’s Silicon Valley: Managing Infertility at Three Clinics in Hyderabad
Gina Phillips: Illness Narratives: A Look into the Experiences of Women in St. Louis on Medicaid Living with Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema
Reuben Riggs-Bookman: What the Hell was Ferguson? A People-centered Approach to the Social Movement that Transformed St. Louis
Alex Rosenthal*: Syncing Umbanda and Sciences (SUS): Using Umbanda’s Holistic Healing Methods to Increase Access to Healthcare
Kristoffer Sladky: Anthropology of the First Puff: An Inquiry into the Beginnings, Cultures, and Contexts of Tobacco use in Students at Washington University in St. Louis
Anna Villanyi: Comparing Visitor Effect in a Mixed Species Enclosure

2014 Senior Honors Theses

Ayah Abo-Busha: On Valie and Exchange: Building Solidarity Networks- A Comparative Ethnography of Egyptian-American Diaspora Networks and the St. Louis Solidarity Coalition
Julie Devinsky: The Debate on High Fructose Corn Syrup and Health Policy in America
Sarah Gallo: Spirituality and Surrender in the HIV Illness Experience
Gabriel Hassler: Substance and Forced Resettlement during the Spanish Colonization of Peru
Zach Hernandez: Mobility and Security: The Planning, Policing, and Practices of Public Transportation in Bogota, Columbia
Alice Hintermann: Defining Success: Real Estate and Residence in the Redevelopment of McRee Town, St. Louis
Julia Katris: A Biological Reconstruction of Human Skeletal Remains from a Subsample from the Campbell Site in Southeastern Missouri, c. 1540- c. 1650 CE.
Nana Yaa Awukubea Kwansa: Career Women and Child Care: Analysis of the Work-Family Balance
Meghna Nandi: Translating Women's Rights Ideology and Domestic Violence Social Services across Cultures: The Implementation for "Men for a Life without Violence" in Arica, Chile
Mallika Tamboli: Signifying Normative Aging for Indians in the Diaspora: A Case Study of StantiNiketa Retirement Facility
Alena Wigodner: Conceptions of Proximity at Vindolanda: Cultural Integration and the Maintenance of Control on the Roman Frontier

2013 Senior Honors Theses

Sophie Amelia Bracken: Negotiating the Search for a Life Partner in Urban China: An Analysis of Youth Strategies in the Dating Game though the Lens of the One Child Policy
Grace Faith Chao: African-American Distrust of Healthcare: Myth or Reality?
Susan DiMauro: "And Yet We Grew Beautiful Crops": Perspectives on the Food Systems and Agricultural Production of Shenandoah National Park Refugees
Phenesse Dunlap: Examining the Accessibility of the Build Environment for Physical Activity in Salvador, Brazil
Xinyi Ge: An Anthropological Perspective on Concussion
Simone Godwin: Bachelor Gorillas of the Saint Louis Zoo: Behaviors, Patterns of Proximity, and Space Use before and after the Addition of Two Young Males to a Preexisting Silverback Group
Allison R. Horan: Worth the Risk? An Examination of the Differences in Risk Perception between Obstetricians and Certified Professional Midwives in Missouri
Alaa Itani: Palestinian Identity Formation in UNRWA Refugee Camps of Lebanon
Joelle Julien: "The Haitian Way" in St. Louis: Diasporic Subjectivities and Conflicting Narratives of Remembering and Disunity
Kate Klein: Humanitarianism and the Anthropology of Hunger
Brian Newman Kline: The Advent of HAART and Representation of HIV/AIDS in American Film, 1993-2007
Joanne Li: Miserable and Sub-human: Tuberculosis as an Indicator of Social Injustice in the Brazilian Favela Vila Velha
Allison Nick: The Archaeology of Walls: Excavations at Actuncan, Belize
Simone Sept: Linguistic Ideology in Morocco: An Exploration into the Complexities of a Multilingual Society
Molly Simon: Participatory Health Education: An Ethnography of the Malaria Awareness Program in HaMakuya, South Africa
Pooja Sohoni: The Iniquity of Inequity: A Comparative Analysis of Chernobyl and Fukushima
Alissa Stavig: Health in the United States: Examining Social Determinants of Health and the Doctor-Patient Relationship
Sarah Rose Werth: Eat Less, Exercise More: Obesity in the United States from an Anthropological Perspective and a Case Study of Modern Interventions
Francis Wu: A Vexing View: A Study of the Visitor Effect in the Saint Louis Zoo
Rebecca Zod: Participatory Empowerment and Sexual Health: Understanding Frameworks of Transformation among Peer Health Educators at the University of KwaZulu-Natals

2012 Senior Honors Theses

Emily Heller: The Implications of Kinship, Religion, and Economy for Navajo Reproductive Health
Kieran Holzhauer: Access Denied: Potential and Realized Access in Urban American Food Deserts
Sophia Korovaichuk: Epistemology of Western Medicine: Science in Medical School Education
Michaela Kupfer: Invisibility and Responsibility: Access to Healthy Food in St. Louis, Missouri
Brendan Lind: The Alternative Food Movement: A Study in Power and Value
Michele Markovitz: A Narrative of Western Biomedical Ethics: History, Policy, and Controversy
Mariam Mathai: Behavioral Shifts Associated with Changes in the Reproductive Status of Female Chimpanzees at the St. Louis Zoo
Kristin Maurer: From Tearoom Trade to Internet Chat Rooms: MSM Cruising Culture and Implications for HIV and STI Prevention
Priya Parikh: Cancer: A Global Anthropological Profile
Scott Rempel: Building a Conceptual Anthropological Framework of Rural American Medicine
Ezelle Sanford III: Community and Healing: Black Hospitals and Racial Policies in the Jim Crow South
Gregory Schwartz: Work the Mitts: A Critical Look at Respect, Gender, and Economic Relationships in Traditional Boxing Gyms
Dana Sherman: How Effective Are Campus Tobacco Bans? The History and Effects of Tobacco Control Legislation
Laura Zaim: Open for Resistance: Refugees, Neoliberal Subjectivities and Social Microenterprise

2011 Senior Honors Theses

Katherine Berger: How to hunt a dik-dik: Zooarchaeological analysis of small mammal hunting at Guli Waabayo, Somalia
Danielle Hayes: Nothing Out of the Norm: Instilling Army Values in an Inner City School
Jeremy Lai: Sustainable Food: Cultural Reactions to the Industrial Food
Jennifer Lee: Understanding Adolescent Pregnancy and Motherhood in an Urban Township of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Jacqueline Wagner: Identifying the Other: The Maintenance of Social Division in Belfast, Northern Ireland

2010 Senior Honors Theses

Laura Bach: Breast Cancer Mortality Disparities in St. Louis: views from inside the health care system
Dena Birkenkamp: Speaking Identity: language politics and the preservation of the Thakali language in Nepal
Evan Blank: An Examination of Alcohol Consumption in Eastern Uganda
Paul Cheh: Body Conscious Smokers: why they initiate, why they continue to smoke and how to help them quit
Jacqueline Chen: Swine Flu and Symbolism: A closer look at the social and cultural forces behind the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic
Jessica Cooper: Human Rights: individual agency and international authority
Wesley Gibbert: The Opening and Closing of Space and Belonging: an examination of healthcare access for the Latino population in St. Louis
Jessica Katzenstein: “It’s our Tradition”: changes in Moroccan gender relations and attitudes around cooking
Anupam Kumar: Male Circumcision as HIV Prevention: the politics of local perceptions and global public health policy in Uganda
Laura Lane-Steele: “It’s Just Gay!” an analytic look into the lives of Black Lesbians in South Carolina
Molly Laverty: The Pueblos Jovenes of Lima: negotiations for better services in the squatter settlements of Lima, Peru
Nora McCormick: Health Care Ethics: anthropology of youth workers in Cape Town, South Africa
Robin Meyer: Pixka Bat es Mucho, Except When It’s Not: language ideologies, policies, and use in the Basque Autonomous Community in Spain
Michelle Pai: Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area: community and agency perspectives
Stephanie Postar: Extracting More than Minerals: a case study in conflict over meaning, value, and natural resources
Sara Rasmussen: Alternative Food Initiatives
Sara Silbert: Mobile Medical Units: delivering primary care to those most in need
Nikki Spencer: Innovations in Identity: the Amazigh social movement in Morocco
Sam Steinberger: From Caravans to camiones: the effects of mechanized transportation and shifting economic contexts on Bolivian social institutions
Priya Sury: Yoga, Modernity, and Paradoxes of Upper Class Discontent
Jasmine Taylor: The Federal Health Care for the Homeless Program and the Patients It Serves
Michaela Wilson: Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Pharmaceuticals: the creation of the informed patient-consumer and the development of a new sick role

2009 Senior Honors Theses

Ammann, Katherine: What if These Aren't My Bootstraps?  A Look at the Heterogeneity of Homelessness in St. Louis
Berman, Amanda: A Geospatial Approach to Identifying Spaces of Vulnerability in South Africa's HIV/AIDS Crisis: Investigating the Sex Worker-Trucker Interaction as a Contributing Factor in the Virus' Spread & Using GIS to Create a Predictive Model of Potential Sex Worker Populations Operating Along Major Trucking Routes
Buchanan, Lindsay: Mute Mushahar?  The Question of Voice and Agency in Development
Cascio, Ariel: Autism Spectrum Disorders:  Ideologies and Families in St. Louis Support Groups
Castillo, Eric: Portable 3D Camera Systems for Field Studies of Primate Locomotion
Cochran, Jennifer Lynn: Shrimp Shocked: The Search for Sustainable Livelihoods in Coastal Vietnam
daSilva, Alexandre: Treatment-Seeking Behavior in an Urban Neighborhood in Salvador, Brazil
Farrell, Jessica: Female Circular Labour Migrants in South Africa: The Effects of Migration on the Families of Xhosa Women
Fojo, Caroline: Fair Trade Certified Coffee and Real Social Change
Friedman, Avital: Health Care Usage Trends and the Effect on Cultural identity Among Soninke Immigrant Women:  A Comparative Study Between New York City, NY and Paris, France
Garon, Claire: Fighting for Health in the Mouth of the Crocodile:  Addressing and Preventing HIV/AIDS Among the Youth of Bamako's Informal Sector
Kandy, Daniel: An Investigation of the Histories and Trends of Urban Allotment Gardens, Community Gardens, and Urban Agriculture
Klein, Jennifer: The Impact of Foreign Aid Dependency: Sustainability of Antiretroviral Therapy in Uganda
McNamara, Rita: A Case of Collective Memory in Rabat, Morocco
Rothman, Adam: Plastic Surgery and American Adolescents:  Acceptable Cultural Ritual or Unethical Practice?
Schneider, Samantha: Anthropology and Epidemiology of Dengue Fever in Mexico and the United States
Solawetz, Kristyna: Responding to Hazard:  How Risk Perception Influences Response to Arsenic Mitigation in Bangladesh
Wigen-Toccalino, Rachel: Why Suicide Missions?  The Black Tigers and Hamas
Wisner, Jeffrey: Autonomy, Distrust, and a Resistance to Death:  How Cultural Forces Account for the Widespread Departure of State Death Legislation from the Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA)
Wolf, Trisha: Family Planning in Kalleda: How Women Achieve Their Ideal Family Size

2008 Senior Honors Theses

Allinson, Jaime: To the Letter: Fostering Collective Identity in Sororities Through Visual Representations
Biagioni, Teresa: The Role of Local Nonprofits in the St. Louis Hispanic Community
Boeke, Caroline: Maternity Versus Modernity: The Biocultural Controversy of Breastfeeding in the Context of HIV
Chandanabhumma, Pornsak: Sexuality, Stigma, and Expectations: Elucidating Perspectives of Health Practitioners, MSM Patients, and Community-based Organizations on the Syphilis Epidemic
Fisher, Camille: History is Ever-Present: Cultural Memory of the Armenian Genocide
Fisher, Jacob: Mixed Messages: Antibiotics as an Anthropological Symbol
Marshall, Gareth: Childhood Obesity in America; Biological, Economic, and Cultural Underpinnings
Peterman, Shadi: Democracy in Iran: The People's Perspective
Romeu Mejía, Claudia: From Class Struggle to Gender Consciousness: The Experiences of Piqueteras in Buenos Aires
Rothstein, Jessica: Primary Health Care: The Rise, the Downfall, and the Unmet Promises of an Ideal Vision
Steinert-Threlkeld, Zachary: The State and Development: Lessons from the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Project
Walton, Allison: Structural Violence in the First World: Market-Based Health Insurance and Access to Pediatric Care in the United States