Our Cultures in 3D


Today's digital technologies provide rapidly evolving ways to interact with people, material culture, social landscapes, architecture, and the environment. Virtual reality and 3-D modeling from both terrestrial and drone-based remote sensing, photogrammetry, LiDAR and other applications provide us with unprecedented tools to reconstruct, test, and experience these many aspects of culture and the environment. In some cases,virtual tools also allow us to experience places far away and learn about cultures which are different from our own. In this course we will learn the basics of 3-D modeling and virtual reconstruction, and explore a range of ways 3D modeling is used in Anthropological and environmental applications. In this class you will learn how cutting-edge technologies are used in a variety of sectors related to Anthropology and Archaeology, such as heritage management, environmental assessment, digital museum exhibits, and more. Methodologically you will be given the opportunity - through your own project - to explore how to acquire data using tools such as terrestrial and drone-based photography, how to produce 3-D models with the latest software tools, and how to package these assets for productive and ethical dissemination. In the end, you will work with a teammate to produce 3D models related to a project of your choice, and your learning will be focused via the development of your project.
Course Attributes: BU Hum; AS LCD; AS SSC