H. Kathleen Cook Graduate Student Prize Awardee 2019-2020

The H. Kathleen Cook Prize is awarded annually to the graduate student(s) who best exemplifies the myriad characteristics that Kathleen championed. These include excellence in scholarship, dedication to teaching, and commitment to building and sustaining the graduate student community in the Department of Anthropology and at Washington University in St. Louis.

The link to the video tribute is HERE.

Mana Hayashi Tang

The recipient of the Cook Prize for 2019-2020 is Mana Hayashi Tang. In keeping with our tradition, I want to read some quotes about Mana that reflect on her remarkable qualities as a leader within the graduate student community.

“In the past four years, I have felt Mana’s passion for academics and her care for other graduate students. I am (and I believe there are many other graduate students are) often encouraged and helped by Mana, both in study and in life. I have also always impressed by Mana’s creative and profound academic thinking. And she never hesitates to share her insights with others to help them improve their work. “

“Mana has devoted time and energy to building and sustaining the graduate student community. She has done an excellent job in helping graduate student recruiting and serving as a member of the graduate student C of 3. She accomplishes all of this with good humor, serene composure, and the willing support of her graduate student colleagues. Mana is a natural leader. She listens, she generates consensus, and she represents herself and her community calmly, but vigorously. Even during these extraordinary times, although she also faces many difficulties herself, she still strives to help others, especially international students. This is a particularly hard time to be a graduate student, but Mana is helping make it a little easier. In these ways, Mana exemplifies the spirit of the department Kathleen Cook’s award symbolizes.”

We are grateful for all of the nominations. It is evident that we have a wonderful and vibrant graduate community. This semester has been an extraordinary moment in our history, and I am exceptionally grateful to Mana, and to her colleagues on the Graduate Cof3, for their advocacy for their colleagues and for their thoughtful engagement with the faculty. Thank you to Mana, thank you to Rachel Sender and Brad Jones, and thank you to all of the graduate students in our department.

Stay safe, be well, and take care of yourselves. I look forward to seeing you all in person soon.

T.R. Kidder