Graduate Financial Support

The Department of Anthropology is committed to providing support so productive students can move through the program in timely fashion without the distraction of having to hold outside jobs.

Students who are admitted to the program are generally funded with tuition remission and a living stipend (University Fellowship) for 4-6 years, assuming continued high academic performance. The stipend for 2017-2018 isĀ $22,830.00.

  • First through third year students are funded by the University Fellowship.
  • Fourth year students obtain support for their own dissertation fieldwork through national granting agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the Fulbright Program, National Geographic Society, and the Wenner-Gren Foundation. Training students how to write competitive grant proposals is an important part of the department's graduate program, and students in the program have an outstanding record of winning outside funding (click here to see a list of recent graduate student grants). In exceptional circumstances, students who are unable to obtain external funding for fourth year fieldwork may apply to use the full amount of the University Fellowship funding to support their field research.
  • Upon completing their fieldwork, students continue to be supported through the University Fellowship, and if making timely progress towards the degree, will be eligible in their final year for dissertation travel funds in the amount of $1000.00.

Additional departmental funds are earmarked for other graduate student activities:

  • All anthropology graduate students are eligible for summer support which has historically averaged out to approximately $2000.00 per student. Students traveling for pre-dissertation exploratory research may be eligible for more funds.
  • Students may also apply for travel funds to help defray the costs of attending national conferences where they present research papers.