Global Health and Environment Track Electives

Global Health

3059 Culture, Health & Medical Practice in China
*307 Human Variation
3094 Anthropology of Latinxs
3100 Defense Against the Dark Arts: an Anthropological Approach to the
Study of Religion and Health
*3101 Topics in Anthropology: Sense of Place: St. Louis
*3102 Topics in Anthropology: Bioprospecting
3102 Topics in Anthropology: Medicine and Social Justice
3103 Topics in Anthropology: Politics of Medicine and Science in Africa
*3151 Evolution of the Human Diet
3201 Gender, Culture and Madness
3202 Anthropological Perspectives on Women’s Health
3280 Anthropology of Infectious Diseases 
3284 Public Health Research and Practice
3306 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology (UCollege)
3309 Anthropological Perspectives on Care (UCollege)
3310 Health, Healing, and Ethics: Intro to Medical Anthropology
333 Culture and Health
3330 For Love or Money: Economies, Affects, and Practices of Care
*360 Placemaking St. Louis
3612 Population and Society
362 Biological Basis of Human Behavior
3620 Anthropological Perspectives on the Fetus
3621 Anthropology of Human Birth
3625 Female Life-cycle in Cross-cultural Perspective
3626 Adventures in Nosology
3628 The Anthropology of Health Disparities
3636 Epidemiology for Anthropologists
365 Human Growth and Development
3832 Music and Healing
3833 Performance and Healing
3874 International Public Health
3875 Pharmaceutical Personhood
3876 Darwin and Doctors: Evolutionary Medicine & Health 
*3880 Multispecies Worlds: Animals, Global Health, and Environment
3882 Psychological Anthropology
3884 Regulating Reproduction: Morality, Politics and (In)justice
4003 Interrogating Health, Race, and Inequalities
4004 Global Burden of Disease: Methods and Applications
4022 Transnational Reproductive Health Issues
4033 Culture, Illness, and Healing in Asia
4099 Human Evolutionary Psychology
4100 Topics in Anthropology: Ethnographic Perspectives on Mental
Health in Africa
4106 Topics in Anthropology: Biomechanics
4110 Pushing Daisies: The Anthropology of Death and Dying
4112 Body and Flesh: Theorizing Embodiment
4113 Advanced Psychological Anthropology
4114 Anthropology and Existentialism
4115 Anthropology of Deviance
4127 Language and Medical Expertise
4134 The AIDS Epidemic
*4135 Tobacco: History, Culture, Science, and Policy
4136 Sexual Health and the City: Community-Based Learning Course
*4194 Primate Ecoimmunology
4253 Researching Fertility, Mortality, and Migration (WI)
4254 The Anthropology of Maternal Death
4311 Biocultural Perspectives on Obesity and Nutrition
4454 Cultures of Science and Technology (WI)
4581 Principles of Human Anatomy and Development
459 Human Osteology
4591 Human Functional Morphology
4595 Developmental Plasticity and Human Health
4596 Biomarkers: Reproductive and Social Endocrinology
*4597 The Archaeology of Life and Death
4601 Health in the Black Community
4881 Medicine and Anthropology
4882 Anthropology and Public Health
4883 The Political Economy of Health
4884 Anthropology of Sexually Transmitted Infections


3030 Introduction to Human Ecology (UCollege)
3053 Nomadic Strategies and Extreme Ecologies
*307 Human Variation
3093 Anthropology of Modern Latin America
3095 The Incas and Their Ancestors: Archaeology of the Ancient Andes
3101 Topics in Anthropology: Collapse: The Fate of Civilization
*3101 Topics in Anthropology: Sense of Place: St. Louis
*3102 Topics in Anthropology: Bioprospecting
3102 Topics in Anthropology: Vibrant Matter: Social Ecology of the Asia-Pacific
3102 Topics in Anthropology: Environmental Impacts of Global Movement, Mobility, and Migration
3103 Topics in Anthropology: Caribbean Island Vulnerabilities: A Case Study of Puerto Rico
3150 Securing Food: (Pre)Historic Perspectives, Present Challenges, and the Future of Human Subsistence
*3151 Evolution of the Human Diet
3163 Archaeology of China: Food and People
3181 Humans and Animals
3182 Ancient Africa: Social Mosaics and Environmental Challenges
3215 Food, Culture, and Power
3217 Food, Nation, Place: The Social Life of Food in Italy and Beyond
3322 Brave New Crops
333B Anthropology of Design: Artifacts, Expertise, and Insurgency
3472 Global Energy and the American Dream
*360 Placemaking St. Louis
3609 From Hazard to Catastrophy: Case Studies in Environmental Disasters
3613 Follow the Thing: Global Commodities and Environment
3615 Environmental Anthropology
3616 Ecofeminism: Environmental Social Movements and Anthropology
3617 Past and Present Cultural Environments
3618 Urban Ecological Anthropology
3619 Dimensions of Waste
3656 Behavioral Ecology of the Great Apes
3660 Primate Ecology, Biology, and Behavior
3661 Primate Biology
3662 Primate Conservation Biology
367 Paleoanthropology
372 Geoarchaeology
373 Introduction to GIS for Anthropologists
374 Social Landscapes in Global View
379 Meltdown: The Archaeology of Climate Change
3795 Anthropology and Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future
3796 Ecocide and Climate Change: The Collapse of Societies
380 Applications in GIS
*3880 Multispecies Worlds: Animals, Global Health, and Environment
401 Evolution of Non-Human Primates
403 Archaeology and Early Ethnography of the Southwest
406 Primate Ecology and Social Structure
4061 Primate Community Ecology
4100 Topics in Anthropology: Ecotourism and Sustainability
4106 Topics in Anthropology: Biomechanics
*4135 Tobacco: History, Culture, Science, and Policy
4117 Nature/Culture
4179 On Location: Portland Beyond Portlandia: Creative Cities and the New Economy
*4194 Primate Ecoimmunology
4202 Anthropological (Evolutionary) Genetics
4211 Paleoethnobotany and Ethnobotany (WI)
4213 Plants and American People: Past and Present
4214 The Archaeology of Food and Drink
4215 Anthropology of Food
428W Original Research in Environmental Anthropology (WI)
4280 Tourism and Sustainability
4282 Political Ecology
4285 Environmental Archaeology
4287 Anthropology of Water
4288 Being Human: The Food-Energy-Ecosytem-Water Nexus
434 Behavioral Research at the St. Louis Zoo (WI)
4456 Ethnographic Fieldwork: Energy Politics
4517 Anthropology and Development (WI)
4565 Biomolecular Archaeology
*4597 The Archaeology of Life and Death
4771 Out of the Wild: Domestication and Socioeconomic Diversity in Africa (WI)
481 Zooarchaeology
489 Seminar: Pathways to Domestication
4892 Hunter-Gatherer Socioeconomic Variation

Courses with an asterisk (*) are designated both global health and environment
updated August 11, 2020