Dissertation Research



Juan Carlos Melendez: Affiliating Classic Period Political Entities Through Insignias Of Power In The Central Maya Lowlands

Recent Projects

Edward Henry: The Construction and Chronologies of Middle Woodland-era Earthen Enclosures in the Middle Ohio Valley: A Perspective from the Central Kentucky Landscape

Elissa Bullion: Kinship and Religious Identities in Medieval Central Asia (8th-13th c. CE): Tracing Communities of Mortuary Practice and Biological Affinity.

Yuqi Li: Water management in pastoralist context

Angela Gordon: Loss of Agricultural Biodiversity

BrieAnna Langlie: Farming during the Auca Runa: Agricultural Strategies and Terraces during the Peruvian Late Intermediate Period (A.D. 1100-1450) Altiplano, Peru

Clarissa Cagnato: Reconstructing Ancient Maya Diets in Northwestern Petén, Guatemala: A Paleoethnobotanical Perspective

Diana Fridberg: Classic Maya Human-Animal Relations at El Perú-Waka’ and La Corona, Northwestern Petén, Guatemala

José M. Capriles Flores: Early Camelid Pastoralism in the Highlands of Bolivia

Kevin Hanselka: Early Agriculture in Northeast Mexico

Kristen Arntzen: Multi-Component Rockshelter Excavations

Lior Weissbrod: Rodent Communities of Maasai Villages

Maria Bruno: Agricultural Intensification and Formative Period Society

Mary Ann Vicari: Site Formation and Human Behavior in the Great Basin

Mary Jane Acuña: Monitoring the Development of Early Kingship at El Achiotal

Michael Storozum: Change and Continuity of Land Use: A geoarchaeological study of paleosols in Neihuang County

Paula Doumani: Bronze Age Potters in Regional Context: Long-term Development of Ceramic Technology in the Eastern Eurasian Steppe Zone

Sarah Walshaw: Plant Food Production Systems in East Africa

Steven Goldstein: Social and Economic Organization of Early Herder Exchange Networks in Southern Kenya: Perspectives from the Elmenteitan Quarry Site

Tim Schilling: A New Construction History of Monks Mound

    Biological Anthropology

    Ongoing Projects

    Stephanie Musgrave: The ontogeny of complex tool use among chimpanzees of the Goualougo Triangle, Republic of Congo

    Recent Projects

    Crystal Riley Koenig: The Representation of Non-Human Primates in the Nature Documentary Genre

    Jason Kaufman: Comparative Analysis of Regional Brain Metabolism

    Jennifer Weghorst: Behavioral ecology of black-handed spider monkeys

    Jessica Joganic: A Quantitative Genetic Analysis of Morphological and Molecular Variation in the Craniofacial Skeleton of Primates

    John Willman: The Non-masticatory Use of Teeth among Late Pleistocene Humans: Macroscopic and Microscopic Perspectives on Anterior Dental Wear

    Joseph Orkin: Landscape Genetics of Gibbons and Leaf Monkeys in China

    Kathleen Muldoon: Late Quaternary Extinctions in Madagascar

    Kenneth Chiou: Population Genomics of a Baboon Hybrid Zone in Zambia

    Lana Kerker Oliver: Seasonal effects of resource availability on the behavioral ecology of 2 sympatric lemurs, Indri indri and Propithecus diadema in Betampona Nature Reserve, Madagascar

    Laura Marsh: Howler Monkeys in Fragmented Forests

    Laura Shackelford: Postcranial Anatomy of Modern Humans

    LeAndra Luecke: Behavioral Ecology of Howler Monkeys

    Libby Cowgill: Long Bone Growth in Immature Late Pleistocene Hominids

    Lisa Kelley: Introduced cacti, sacred forests, and ring-tailed lemurs

    Lisa Rose: Behavioral Ecology of Capuchin Monkeys

    Mercedes Gutierrez: Faunal Interchange between Africa and Eurasia

    Monica McDonald: How Do the Smallest and Largest Baboon Species Compete for Reproductive Success in a Natural Hybrid Zone

    Sarah Lacy: Oral Health and its Implications in Late Pleistocene Western Eurasian Humans

    Seth Dobson: Facial Mobility in Anthropoid Primates

    Sheela Athreya: Middle Pleistocene Frontal Bone Variation

    Tafline Crawford: Makapansgat Hominins and S. African Australopithecines

    Sociocultural Anthropology

    Ongoing Projects

    Aaron Hames: Finding Peace

    Ashley Wilson: Marriage at the Margins: Come-We-Stay Relationships in Kibera, Kenya

    Bradley Jones: Cultivating Skill, Growing Knowledge: A Comparative Study of Skilling Institutions in U.S. Alternative Agriculture

    Carolyn Barnes: Win, Place, Show: Thoroughbred Training, Care, and Expertise in Kentucky's Horse Racing Industry

    Chelsey Carter: It’s a “White Disease”: ALS, Race, and Suffering in a Divided City.

    Dick Powis: Relations of Reproduction: Investigating Men, Masculinity, and Pregnancy in Dakar, Senegal\

    James Babbitt: Milking the Digital Herd: The Impact of Robotics and Big Data on America's Dairy Heartland

    Kate Farley: Industrial Wilderness: Contested Understandings of Nature and the Post-Coal Future in Appalachia

    Katharina Rynkiewich: The Perils of Resistance: Antibiotic Stewards and Biosecuritization in North American Hospitals

    Lauren Crossland-Marr: Cosa C'è Dietro (what’s behind): An ethnographic study of moral markets and religious labor in Milan, Italy

    Lauren Cubellis: Divided City/Divided Selves: Negotiating Schizophrenia under Healthcare Reform in East and West Berlin

    Oguz Alyanak: Fear of the Ordinary: Muslim Turks Negotiate Men’s Moral Worth in the Franco-German Borderland

    Recent Projects

    Golda Kosi Onyeneho: Collectively Remembering and Living an Emerging Nigerian National Identity

    Chaoxiong Zhang: Inventing a moralist self: the moral experiences of drug users in China’s state-run methadone maintenance treatment program.

    Colleen Walsh Lang: Vulnerable Agents: Ugandan Children’s Experiences with HIV Rehabilitation and Reintegration

    Adrienne Strong: Bureaucracy, Life, and Death on the Maternity Ward of a Tanzanian Hospital

    Ali Heller: Negotiating Destigmatization Processes among Women with Fistula in Hausa Speaking Niger

    Andrew Flachs: Cultivating Knowledge: Skilling and Constraint on Organic Farms in Andhra Pradesh, India

    Anita Chary: Cervical Cancer and Logics of Care in Guatemala

    Anna Lisa Jacobsen: Individual and Social Processes of Making Meaning in a Somali Diaspora

    Chith Kudlu: Intellectual Property and the Commodification of Ayurvedic Medicine

    Doc Billingsley: "So That All Shall Know": Memory Activism and Epistemic Authority in Guatemala

    Hyeon Jung Lee: Suicide and Gendered Subjectivity in Northeastern Rural China

    Jennifer Heil Heipp: Science and Morality: Interventions into Teen Parenting in the United States

    Jennifer Quincey: Language revitalization in Wales

    Jennifer Wistrand: Schooling in Post-Soviet Society

    Jing Xu: Becoming a Moral "Only Child" amidst China's Moral Crisis: Culture, Mind, and Morality in Contemporary China

    Katie Hejtmanek: Life and Change in an American Adolescent Residential Treatment Center

    Meghan Ference: Mapping Mobile Identities in Metropolitan Kenya

    Namgyal Choedup: From Tibetan Refugees to Transmigrants: Negotiating Cultural Continuity and Economic Mobility Through Migration

    Puneet Sahota: Perspectives and Politics of Medical Research of Native Americans

    Rebecca McLain Hodges: Teachers as Mediators of Social Transformation in Jordan

    Sherria Ayuandini: For One Drop of Blood: Virginity, sexual norms and medical processes in hymenoplasty consultations in the Netherlands

    Stéphanie Larchanché: Politics of “Specialized” Mental Healthcare for Immigrants in Paris

    Vanessa Hildebrand: Islam and Obstetrics in Indonesia