New book chapter by Anthropology Graduate Students

Oguz Alyanak, Sherria Ayuandini, Guillermo Martin-Saiz, and Lauren Crossland-Marr

Recently, four graduate students with the Department of Anthropology were published in the 6th edition of Urban Life: Readings in the Anthropology of the City. Their chapter titled "Shadowing as a Methodology: Notes from Research in Strasbourg, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Milan" introduces and critically evaluates the research methods of shadowing Muslims in European cities during their fieldwork. 

Oguz Alyanak collects spatial stories from members of the Turkish Muslim community in Strasbourg. 

Sherria Ayuandini focuses on medical anthropology and how religion plays a role in body modification surgery. 

Guillermo Martin-Saiz is studying Muslims engaged in proselytizing activities of the Islamic transnational movement, Tablighi Jama’at in Barcelona, Spain. 

Lauren Crossland Marr researches food certifications in Milan, Italy and compares the ways business people work to merge ethical and moral concerns with global market standards.