Funding News for Dissertation Research

Sociocultural PhD students receive grant funding

This week saw two major grants being awarded for dissertation projects in sociocultural anthropology.  Katie Rynkiewich’s project, "The Perils of Resistance: Antibiotic Stewards and Biosecuritization in North American Hospitals", has been funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation, while Dick Powis’s project, “Relations of Reproduction: Investigating Men, Masculinity, and Pregnancy in Dakar, Senegal”, has been funded by Fulbright-Hays.

Both Katie and Dick have benefited from the PhD program’s focus on getting students into the field in a timely fashion. For years, a cornerstone in the program has been the pair of seminars on ethnographic field methods taught by Geoff Childs, and on proposal writing taught by Glenn Stone. Beginning in Spring 2018, these will be merged into an intensive workshop-style seminar that will integrate the most essential components of each. “The conceptualization of the research and the design of the fieldwork are always entangled, as they should be” notes Glenn Stone. “We are excited to be working together with our grad students together in a seminar that integrates both.”