Anthropology Science GPA courses

Course list generated by Anthropology faculty as courses including at least 50% of science, math, or physics. Graduate schools may require documentation of course material to determine science GPA. Students are ultimately responsible to keep syllabi of courses to provide documentation.

150A    Introduction to Human Evolution

307A    Human Variation

3151    Evolution of the Human Diet

327A    Human Evolution

3271    Becoming Human – the archaeology of human origins

3582    Anthropology of the Human Face

3636    Epidemiology for Anthropologists

3613    Paleoecology

362      The Biological Basis of Human Behavior

3620    Anthropological Perspectives on the Fetus

3621    Anthropology of Human Birth

3626    Adventures in Nosology: The Nature and Meaning of Disease

3628    The Anthropology of Health Disparities

365       Variations in Human Growth

3656    Behavioral Ecology of the Great Apes

366       Primate Functional Morphology
3660    Primate Ecology, Biology, and Behavior

3661    Primate Biology

3662    Primate Conservation Biology

3663    Primate Anatomy

3664    Primate Conservation

3665    Observing Primates at the St. Louis Zoo

3666    Comparative Primate Socioecology

367A    Paleoanthropology  

3873    Human Energetics and Physiology

3876     Darwin and Doctors: Evolutionary Medicine and Health

401       The Evolution of Nonhuman Primates

4012    Prosimian Biology

406       Primate Ecology and Social Structure

4061      Primate Community Ecology

407      Comparative Primate Anatomy

408      Human Evolution

4081    Evolutionary Human Anatomy

4082      Origin of Evolutionary Thought
4182      Field and Laboratory Methods in Primatology

4183      History and Methods in Systematics
419      Primate Behavior

4191      Primate Cognition

4193      Primate Biogeography

4194      Primate Ecoimmunology

4202      Anthropological Genetics (formerly Evolutionary Genetics)

4254     The Anthropology of Maternal Death

429      Human Ecology

4291    The Biological Basis for Human Behavior

430(A) Human Ecology: Nutritional, Medical & Demographic Aspects

4311    Biocultural perspectives on obesity and nutrition

432      Advanced Introduction to Physical Anthropology

4321    History of Physical Anthropology

434      Behavioral Research at the St. Louis Zoo

4565    Biomolecular Archaeology

458      Craniofacial Biology

4581    Principles of Human Anatomy and Development

4582      Anthropological Applications of Life History Theory

459      Human Osteology

4591      Human Functional Morphology

4592      Geometric Morphometrics

4595      Developmental Plasticity and Human Health

4596      Biomarkers: measuring population health, reproductive and social endocrinology
491      Molecular Approaches to Biological Anthropology