Sai Hankuri

Fieldnotes by alumna Ali Heller

Alison Heller recently graduated with her Ph.D. from the Department of Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis. She created a blog in 2013 to document the adventures, misadventures, frustrations, and successes of her dissertation research in Niger, West Africa which focuses on processes of de-stigmatization following repair surgeries for obstetric fistula in rural areas. Through her entries, you learn about the risks of childbirth in Niger, uncover the culture of shame surrounding many of the women she encounters, see amazing photographs of her community members, and gain a better understanding of her reoccurring theme, sai hankuri- have patience. 

Ali's fieldnotes can be found on her website, Anywhere the Wind Blows. A few pictures of her time in Niger can be found below but many more are available online.